Friday, June 19, 2009

Enable Wifi In Ubuntu for HP DV series Laptops specifically

Step 1

Open the Terminal. Applications--> Accessories--> Terminal OR press ALT+F2 and type 'gnome-termianl' & enter then you have to check the WiFi adapter so type , lspci -v , in the terminal and check wether your adapter is Atheros and if not i'm afraid that this might not work, so after knowing that it's Atheros you can proceed further

Step 2

Go to

System-->Administration-->Hardware Drivers and Deactivate the driver Ubuntu has used for the adapter (in most scenarios Ubuntu assigns a avalible driver for the adapter but it's won't be competible )after that reboot .

The kernel headers and the compiler are needed to build this driver so you have to get started by installing build-essential. In a terminal window (Applications/Accessories/Terminal) enter:

sudo apt-get install build-essential

The driver code will be downloaded with the subversion source code manager so I installed subversion:

sudo apt-get install subversion 

You need a place to put the driver source without mixing it up with other stuff so changed directory to your home directory:

cd ~ 

Created a directory:

mkdir madwifi 

And changed to the new dirctory:

cd madwifi 

Use subversion to download (checkout) a copy of the code: If this site is not working mail me ..I have the tar file....

After the driver code is downloaded by subversion, change to the directory, which should be madwifi-hal-

cd madwifi-hal- 

Run the make script to have the compiler build the driver:


Install the driver

sudo make install 
You can also give above commands in one line:
sudo make && make install 

Add the Atheros kernel module to the list of modules to be automatically loaded at boot by adding "ath_pci" (without the quotes) to the end of the /etc/modules file. Gedit is probably easy to use so try:

sudo gedit /etc/modules 

Now you can reboot and it should work.

Enjoy !!!!

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